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    Entering the Future of Fashion and Technology

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  • That Original x TG3D Studio 

    French satin dress shop online

    Sustainable, Ethical, and more…

    That Original, a French online fashion brand which offers online customized apparel, debuted 6 elegant and gorgeous collections that aim to fit bodies of all shapes. The brand also make efforts to be as sustainable and ethical as possible, including using up-cycling fabrics, biodegradable package and working with factory that shares the same value.


    Well, this isn’t the best part of it.


    What makes the brand unique is that their platform allows customers to customize their outfit within only a few clicks.

    Usage of digitized fabrics on website

    Create Your Unique Pieces

    Customers can easily add or remove sleeves, switch between short, pants, long skirts and short skirts, and choose the fabrics of their preferences. They give customers 100% freedom of creating their unique pieces, and instead of imagining in their head, they are able to visualize their creations right at the same time with a side-by-side 3D avatar as visual assistance.


    Florence, founder of That Original, who worked as product manager for a designer brand, explained the concept of That Original came from a shared frustration between her and her friends of constantly difficult to find apparels that perfectly fit.


    Therefore, the idea of That Original was born.

    customized clothes online

    “You are as unique as the piece you are going to wear.”

    She believes that everyone has different personalities and tastes, and clothes is a reflection of that. Customers should have the access to buy clothes that best reflect their personalities and fashion tastes.


    There are many other similar products, but TG3D is the only one that provides what I want.” says Florence. With TG3D Studio’s tool and service, the idea of That Original has finally became reality.

  • Turning 2D to 3D - Solutions

    Technology powered by TG3D Studio

    satin jumpsuit

    Scanatic™ DC Suite realizes 2D patterns into 3D garments + 360 degree configurator display.


    Scanatic™ StyleBook Service combines all configurations in one project. Take THÉRÈSE as example, 12 fabrics x 4 sleeves x 4 bottoms = 192 combinations. Needless to upload 192 times for each SKU.

    digitized textile

    Digitize physical fabrics by using TG3D Studio’s Scanatic™ Nuno3D Service.


    With only a single image, our Deep Learning Generation Engine is able to generate predicted 3D fabrics.



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    Integrate design projects with the website to demonstrate fashion stylebook on website front end.








    French online fashion brand

    The Implementation of 3D Stylebook

    The digitized 3D stylebook plays an essential role of emphasizing the brand identity. It allows customers to produce their ideal designs. Higher satisfaction of the product means lower return rate or fewer discarded garments that may eventually become product waste.

    3D Stylebook also makes online customization possible, which gives on-demand manufacturing more accessible to online shoppers. It means clothes are only made when it is needed, in order to prevent overproduction.


    Moreover, the 3D fashion stylebook is not only loved by the company. “Our customers love to see their creative outcomes right away, and they also love to explore that there are many different possibilities and combinations.” Says Florence.

    French couture

    Anticipating Digitized Fashion

    After successfully implementing 3D stylebook onto the website, Florence hopes to leverage the 3D digitized fashion to further achieve their ultimate goal, to provide more simulators for bodies of all shapes. 


    “Although the new technology requires a longer learning curve, I wouldn’t start the brand again without digitalization, because it’s the trend of the future.” says Florence, ”Once you understand how it works, it can reduce the sample quantity from 3-4 times to 1, it can be impactful for sustainability, and also save more time for production process.”

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